The Wildest, Most Inappropriate Skyrim Walkthrough Ever

Skyrim thoughts

Since they’re takin FOREVER to come out with Elder Scrolls 6, and since this prison has taken Skyrim from us (due to its graphic – AKA fun – nature), I am left to write a fan fiction walkthrough for the game I loved and lost. And, in the only style I know how to write, it will be vastly inappropriate.


(Note: Here in prison, I had to play this epic game on the Xbox360 without HDMI cable and on a 15 inch TV. And it STILL kicked ass. And yet… I do feel I may have missed out on something better.)

(I know, I know, you’re like, ‘Oh I feel SO BAD FOR YOU, Eric! Psh! You shouldn’t get to play video games in prison anyway!’

But know what? You can eat my ass! You sound like a real milkdrinker, you know it?! If you think prison’s so nice, come join us! It’s easy! Especially here in Iowa! You get a Life sentence for simply farting in Iowa!)

(…Loooove youuuu. 🙂  )

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