Manslaughter vs Murder 1 – Exposing Corrupt Courts

Eric Miller

My name is Eric Miller. I’m in on murder, that should’ve been manslaughter. I’m doing Life Without Parole because the courts of Iowa and the Federal 8th Circuit don’t follow their own laws. (Big claim, right? I lay out the details in full in Why Miller Turned Killer and How the System Fucks You (coming soon). They don’t follow the law. THEIR OWN LAW. And the black and white of their rulings proves it. … And I will expose them for it.

Exposing corrupt courts.

Manslaughter vs Murder 1 - Exposing Corrupt Courts


Do not put your faith in the courts, in the politicians, in those in charge here in the ‘Land of the Free.’ They don’t do what’s right, though the only reason FOR their job is to do what’s right – to help the people.

These courts are no different than those under a third world tyranny – only worse – because in this land they pretend to be righteous, just, fair. Such hypocrisy is revolting.

For 15 years I’ve fought these courts, hoping one judge – ONE JUDGE – would follow the law, do what they’re paid to do. But to no avail – they’re all dirty. Weak. Cowards. I have no name, no fame, and so am easy to sweep under the rug. It’s too tempting for a judge to cheat on my case, to leave me down, not upset the earlier illegal rulings of their own kind, and assume it’ll never be found out because I’m buried for life. You see?

burying something

And politicians, those in power outside the courtroom – they’re no different. They care only about their money, their position. Republican, democratic, it doesn’t matter. They know what they should do, and they don’t do it. Too many of their own would turn against them, they fear they’d lose it all. Everything they have. (When in truth they’d only make a name for themselves as ‘the one that’s actually for the people.’ Hell, I’d help them maintain that name. Just ONE. Just ONE good leader is all it would take to get things rolling…)

But no.

The courts of this land don’t give justice, and they don’t give mercy. They give as great a sentence as they can (cheat) out of a trial, and they break the law to turn down meritorious appeals – appeals that should grant new (costly) trials, or even let over-convicted (or entirely innocent) men and women out of prison.

…HOWEVER… the courts of this land don’t run things. They’re second in power. They do as they’re told, do WHAT they’re told, by a greater force. Do you know who that is?


The media.

camera man

The media runs this country.

It makes or breaks those in power, and can do so in an instant.

A media spotlight on my case – on the cheating, the law breaking, perpetrated by those in charge – would be DEVASTATING to many in power in this land.

I know my appeals have failed. That the courts won’t help me.

I need the greater force, I need the media spotlight shined on the decay in the system.

For me, and for everyone like me.

If I get the media, I win. If I don’t, I lose.

… Soon I will apply for commutation, for the Governor of this state to fix what the courts of this state have botched. I will show you firsthand what those in power do, what good they are.

This country is on the brink of chaos. Black Lives Matter, Me Too, thousands of individual cases, state by state, of corruption – of law breaking – of BULLYING – by those in power.

Join me, join my family of free, strong men and women – of leaders – of people who SHOULD BE in power instead. (See Forbidden Fruit.)

You could be the difference we need. You could be the connection, the spark that ignites, the straw that breaks the ROTTEN BACKS of corrupt authority.

Connect my books, my message, my case, to the media – to anyone you know out there willing to help. Newspapers, magazines, the internet, door-to-door vacuum salesmen, any and everyone.

This world is ours, my friend. OURS. We just haven’t claimed it yet.


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4 thoughts on “Manslaughter vs Murder 1 – Exposing Corrupt Courts”

  1. Tom says:

    Hi Christine,

    It’s amazing how you pay so much attention to these cases and take such an interest. The difference in sentences and punishment between manslaughter and murder are massive. I didn’t realise just how big they were. I have told you before that I have a relative in prison for 14 years, however for something different. But, he was done wrong and shouldn’t have been so long. My aunty, uncle and cousins are working on reducing his sentence.

    So, I can see how important this work is and trying to get people a fair deal when it comes to court, verdicts and sentencing. The difference between what manslaughter is and what murder is, that is so huge too.

    Thank you for sharing and keep up the great work.

    All the best,


    1. Christine says:

      Hi Tom,

      I want to help Eric in any way I can which is why I set up this website and I share his written words. We must get the word out. Eric’s case is not the only one, there are hundreds of thousands of similar unfair cases, including your cousin. I hope that your aunt, uncle, and cousins can succeed in reducing his sentence.
      I’ll pass your comment on to Eric and will post his reply asap.

  2. Hannie says:

    Hi Eric, I am sorry, I don’t know the difference between murder and manslaughter. I am Dutch and have no idea about these terms. I watch US detective series on TV and hear them at times, of course, but still… no clue.

    However, I do understand ignorance and prejudice. And class justice. Which are not limited to just the US, unfortunately. That also happens in Europe. 🙁

    I live in Spain and several politicians of a party that wanted to secede a province from the rest of the country had been sentenced to prison terms 4 years ago. Now that there is another government (socialist instead of conservative) they have been pardoned.

    This humanitarian gesture is not to the liking of the conservatives and far-right parties. They want a tough performance. Incidentally, these are also the ones who want the bullfights back – but that aside.

    I’m so tired of those machos haggling. And then it doesn’t even bother me directly. What must that be like for someone like you who experiences firsthand how egos and personal preferences are more important than justice.

    Good luck, Eric, and I hope you manage to get it right.

  3. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Eric,

    If the justice has corrupted, we must do things right to keep it back on the right track. Otherwise, we become a part of the accomplices to the injustice. Also for the media, it’s so true that they control the whole country. The same situation in my country. It’s always those who control the media would win the election every single time.

    It’s cruel to see this cold hard truth keeps going on and on without being exposed by the mainstream media, and I hope people could pay more attention to those cases including yours to help others and themselves.


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