Lokian Musings – by Eric Miller


Lokian says …


Mom wants me to do Christian comedy. I say there’s no such thing. The best I can do is comedy about Christianity.

Even that’s hard though. I read the whole Bible in jail. Didn’t laugh once.


There’s no better feeling than a fan blowing in your face on a hot summer day.

And I have lots of fans. I’ve been writing for a while now.


I have one of those mental illnesses where I don’t suffer near as much as those around me.

Lokian Musings - by Eric Miller

Medusa was sexy – even without a look at her face, a particular part of a man could turn to stone.

Life is so pointless in prison.

The most significant thing I did today was rip a 4 second fart.

And that was only significant because of what it did to my underwear.


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2 thoughts on “Lokian Musings – by Eric Miller”

  1. Timo says:

    Well that was different my friend. I feel you. I put many years in the system in California from Quentin to Folsom. You gotta keep your humor and find the good in life that is trying to hide from you. I actually had over 22 years in at the time of my last beef. I took my last case to trial and lost and my priors became “prescribed law”. I did my own writ of habeas corpus (pro per) when my appeal was denied. Got my sentence modified in the 2nd Appellate and my 27 years in priors was modified to time served at 42 months into the sentence. I have been back to school to get my degree and certification as an Alcohol & Drug Counselor. My new life began in 2008 and I am 59 now. Hang in there my brother. God’s not done with you yet. Blessings!

    1. Christine says:

      Glad to hear you made it out. In this state winning on appeal is almost unheard of. Things are changing, slowly. Many abusive judges and prosecutors need removed, and I hope that’s the next step. Lazy and bought-out defense attorneys gotta go too.
      Anyhow, glad you’re free. Thank you for writing.

      Eric Lokian

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