Good Philosophy About Life – Short and Sweet


Lokian says…

To be strong and free, you must BLANK SLATE. This means reflecting on your life and removing all biases and beliefs given you – ones you haven’t verified by firsthand, personal experience. It is wiping clean the influence of others so you can choose and follow your own life path without bias.

This means all opinions, morals, wrongs and rights – anything outside of general factual knowledge (of course).

Just because they’re your parents, elders, friends, role models, etc., doesn’t mean they know what’s right (for you), or that who you are must be anything like them.

good philosophy about life - short and sweet

Being strong and free demands you find yourself, live as YOU want to, without feeling guilt for doing so because ‘you were raised to believe differently.’

(More detail on Blank Slating in Forbidden Fruit.)

Share your thoughts in the comments below, for or against this Lokian Philosophy, and why you feel that way.

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9 thoughts on “Good Philosophy About Life – Short and Sweet”

  1. Sammy Allen says:

    I love this. The imagery is powerful and the message is succinct and to the point.

    This is so true. You have to be your own counselor and believe in yourself and be true to your own goals and purposes. The second you let someone steer your ship your bound to head for the rocks.

    Thank you for the inspiration!

    Love, Sammy

    1. Christine says:

      A ship bound for the rocks. I like it. I’m not the only one using imagery apparently. 🙂
      But what if your path is to hit the rocks and sink?
      (All the best treasure’s on the ocean floor, you know.)
      …It’s entirely possible that one could be letting others keep them FROM the rocks, from sweet self-destruction that will strengthen them, will lead to their self-realization, their path.
      – by Lokian

  2. Ruth says:

    People really do need to go out in the world and find out what THEY want and who THEY are. Not what someone else thinks they should be or what someone else thinks they want. They need to stop hiding behind someone else and having someone else make their decisions. The fastest way to improve and get better is to make your own mistakes and learn from them. This is amazing thank you.

    1. Christine says:

      100% right on. TY for replying 🙂

      Eric Lokian

  3. Alblue says:

    Ah, thanks for writing a very thought-provoking article about life philosophy. I somehow agree about being a blank slate can open a lot of new opportunities for us to grow. However, I’m curious. Is there any certain time that we should reset our mind to become a blank slate again? I just don’t know if I should do it now or later.

    1. Christine says:

      The sooner you blank the slate, the sooner you find who YOU are, without the things others have made you. ASAP, my friend. 🙂 Keep in mind it is a process though – you’ll find little things that aren’t you and it’ll take reminder after reminder to blank them. You’ll catch yourself doing again and again the things that have been hardwired in. But when that happens, take pride in the fact that you’re catching yourself, noticing things you need to blank. Keep catching them, keep rewiring yourself. It’ll happen. And you’ll be Free.

      – by Eric Lokian

  4. Matt Lin says:

    Hi Eric,

    Although this article is short, it’s yet powerful to keep me thinking for a long while. People stop chasing what they really want because of other’s words or influences, especially the pressure from the family. It’s good to know that there are also people who fight to be free & to find their real selves, making me feel less lonely. 🙂 I will have more courage to live the life I really want and maybe harder…

    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I find it amazing that other people can verbalize things that some have done their whole life without even knowing they’re doing it. If I could verbalize half the things I do all the time, I’d probably be famous by now. But no, I don’t and I wouldn’t even know where to begin.

    As a child, I was three when my Grandmother first tried to take me to church. She wanted me to be baptized, and follow along in their religious paths. All of my family is religious. I’m the duck. I don’t believe in anything any church has ever preached, and I didn’t as a child. I reflect on my childhood often, wondering, why did I throw such fits at Church? One time was all it took for my Grandma to never take me again. She said that I was like the “Devil’s child”, never stopped screaming, or yelling and cursing and everything else. (I had a very bad mouth at a very young age.)
    Apparently, the preacher kicked her out as long as she was with me.

    At nine, my friend tricked me into going. We went to a “summer, Sunday camp”. I knew it for what it was, and asked her over and over if she was going to church. She swore that it had nothing to do with church. Alas, we get there, and as I had presumed, it was church.

    I recall the woman walking up to me as I’m sitting there at the little desk. She asked where I went to church, and I looked up at her and said, “I don’t believe in your God.” She then proceeded to assume I was atheist, and said, “You don’t believe in God?”
    “No, I don’t believe in Your God.”
    She assumed the worst of course, and asked then if I was a Devil worshiper. Well, the dumb mouth I had on me, even as a kid, came out and got the best of me. I told if that’s what helped her sleep at night, sure.
    They kicked me out, once again. At 3 and 9, both times kicked out of church. I had to wait on the concrete sidewalk for my friend to finish. She was my ride home.

    For me, it’s not that I’m atheist. In fact, far from it. I believe in ghosts and spirits. I believe there are good and bad. But I don’t believe in what everyone wanted me to believe in, even as a kid. My brother said that I was a satanist, because I wasn’t baptized like him, and was the one odd ball of the family.

    But, I believe everything has an energy. All animals, all living beings. Even the trees. Now whether they have a soul? I don’t know. Maybe they do. They can feel – they’re alive. Everything alive can feel pain and suffering.

    I simply don’t believe there is a man-like form that dictates life. Why man? We are the weakest link. We kill everything, and take things that don’t belong to us. Like the planet. How are we any better than the animal kingdom that was here first? Why do we get to take their land, their forests for our own use?

    And, if there is a God that created everything, why be in the form of man? What about the insects out there? The aliens that surely exist? Out of billions of planets, we are not the only life form in the universe. So, why are we so special to have our own little heaven?

    No, it doesn’t add up or make sense. And I knew that as a child. I knew that when I was told No, I wanted a reason.

    My Mom tells me a story, often in fact. She said that one day, she told me No never times. When I finally asked why, she said because I’m the Mom. I told her, “Fine, in the next life, I’ll be Mom then.”

    Whenever anyone tells me something, that doesn’t add up, or seem right, I question it. It got me 165 detentions in 9th grade actually. I questioned everything my teachers tried to teach me. Even Columbus, when they said he discovered America. I said, “Weren’t the Indians here first though?”

    At least I’ve never been a sheep though. Blindly following what others think I should. No, when someone says something, I question, I research and I decide for myself based on the facts that I’ve been able to find. If I can’t find facts – some things are too hard to dig up, especially anything to do with government coverups, then I just keep looking. But I don’t take sides until I know what I’m talking about.

    I’ve always been able to play the Devils Advocate, very well. I can see all sides of any story, even when I’m told only one.

    Thanks for sharing this!


    1. Christine says:

      Hi Katrina,

      I’m pasting here Eric’s reply 🙂

      “Hehe the Devil’s child, screaming in church at 3. Perhaps were we’re kindred spirits. 🙂
      Though admittedly I was Christian (kind of) for my first 20 years. Then it was Nietzsche, rebellion, and a free and opened mind. …One I still have to maintain, keep open, unbiased (without cause), but still wonderfully free and open.
      You were born gifted with that open mind, apparently. It likely seemed a curse, but only because of the closed minded people around you. (And me. And everyone.)

      Your good and bad – your right and wrong – how do they differ from what our ‘Jesus society’ calls normal? Do they?

      Questioning everything – yeah, you were destined to be tossed out of church pretty quick. Ha!

      I agree with your belief in all living things having an energy. And your thoughts on why make god a man, (‘we in his image’ as they say).

      Well, I say be happy for the mind you were given. It’s caused strife, but being truly free always does. (Sometimes that strife is fun. :). Least for devil types!)

      So then, you’ve blank slated. What remains is you.
      Who are you? What do you do, what do you love, what do you not? What is the goal of your life – do you have one? Do you feel you even need one?

      Thank you for your reply, my friend. The strong and free will gather, and we’ll do big things, like WE want to do. We’ll make it OUR world. 🙂

      If you haven’t read the book ‘Demian’ by Hermann Hesse, I highly recommend you do. It follows along the lines of what we’re discussing here, and impacted me greatly in my young 20s. (And that was even ON THE STREETS! When I was drunk or high all the time! I read and devoured it THEN! So you know it has to have some quality to it, right??)


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