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Here you can find a list of Eric’s books. More are being written and edited as we speak, and they will be up here soon as well.


Some of us are spiders, some of us are not,
In this house you spin the webs or in them you are caught.

Good turns bad, happy turns hateful, light turns dark, and a double-barrel shotgun blast turns a man’s brain into a bedroom decoration.

This is Why Miller Turned Killer – the tragic True Crime account of a healthy mind’s slip from anger to darkness to homicide.


Eric Christopher Miller

Disclaimer: This book is about suicide. There’s no two ways about it. It is meant to discourage the act but may not be suitable for kids or even adults sensitive to the topic.

Intro –
This book is for the suicidal.
Take a sec and read this. It’s short. A fast read.
There’s no rush to do what you’re thinking of doing. This will give you a more full view of your situation, bringing thoughts you may otherwise not think.
It might help you.
It might not.
But at least your decision won’t be rash.

It’s time for the strong, for the Free Man or Woman, to surface, to step forward, to break free, to let go, to live. To think on his own, kill or dominate his demons, his issues, his abusers, and indulge deeply in every emotion, every passion. To live.

This philosophy is for the few. You’ll know quickly upon reading if you are in that few. It consists of things man already knows but either forgets or ignores or doesn’t take the time to realize.


‘I now realize a key difference between Timmy and myself – between our ideals on Fire-venting. Between what we consider justifiable. I base everything – all destruction, no matter the size – on whether or not the target deserves it, but Timmy bases everything on the size of the destruction alone, regardless of whether the target deserves it or not.
To him little stuff is little stuff – it’s always okay as long as no real damage is done, but big stuff is always out. To me any size stuff is okay – especially big stuff – but only to someone who truly deserves it.’

The Valiant Vandal’s Guide
RAIDs: Random Acts of Intense Destruction. RAIDs are done on abusers, as ‘counterabuse.’
Abuse: unjustified, unprovoked attacks, great or small, physical or other.
Counterabuse: the justified counterattack on an abuser for his or her abuse.
Unjustified: means they were innocent and you messed with ’em anyway, jerk!

This book would be scary if it weren’t so damn funny. …Okay, well it’s still a little scary, but who cares about that when you’re laughing??

‘Hard-hitting! Funny as hell!’
Eric Lokian


“There’s no better feeling than a fan blowing in your face on a hot summer day.
And I have lots of fans. I’ve been writing for a while now.”

This book will change your life. It’s blue comedy stand up bits – deep blue comedy stand up bits – both crass and inappropriate.
Guaranteeeed to satisfy.

“Life is so pointless in prison.
The most significant thing I did today was rip a 4 second fart.
And that was only significant because of what it did to my underwear.”

See? Timeless jewels like that one.


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