Do I? Express Your Feelings, Man

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Do I write what’s in my heart and soul, all of it, no holds barred, even if I know it’ll hurt or offend those who care?

What if I know they’ll never read it? Only hear about it from someone else. The telephone game, all of it twisted anyway.

Do I write baring all my feelings, emotions, even if they aren’t fair to others, even if they’re the emotions of a selfish and angry man-boy?

Do I? Express Your Feelings, Man

Or does the fact that I’m feeling them mean there’s something to them – that they’re somehow justified, even if only to me…

It helps me to know I’m writing this to a person who’ll actually read it – ACTUALLY READ IT – who it’ll mean something to, or at least be understood by.

People don’t care. If I can make them care, then we win. If not… life doesn’t change.

I watched a movie just now. Like every other. Nothing different, no take home to it. A 90-min mental vacation.

The things I write have to be more than a mental vacation. There has to be take home. Or again, life doesn’t change.

By Eric Lokian



Eric sent me this, and his words moved me. If it was meant as an article or just for me, I felt that it had to be published, or shared with everyone else. I wanted to share the sincerity of the feelings behind these words, the pain that is hidden behind his writing.

You can help Eric’s cause by sharing any of his articles on social media, sharing links to his books or buying his books and leaving reviews on Amazon. Anything will help get the word out about his case.

Thank you for visiting Eric’s blog today! If you have any comments or questions for him, let me know in the comments and I will make sure to pass them along to him.

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8 thoughts on “Do I? Express Your Feelings, Man”

  1. Fatoumata says:

    When I first read it, it did sound like a poem. Its short but deep and I felt the pain he went through. What he said, is what many are feeling.

    Do you keep your feelings to yourself to not hurt people, or do you say them to heal yourself? Many good questions, which people will argue differently.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. He’s so right – People don’t care. Life today is stressful and difficult. Personal survival itself is threatened even though the world has progressed so much. Can we really blame people?
    I feel the depth of Eric’s words, but a lot of us feel the same…

    “Why do we feel impatient, fretful, ill at ease? Assembled like amateur actors who have not been assigned their parts!”

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Aparna,

      Very true, many of us feel the same. However, many of us are free, Eric is not. He’s in prison, overconvicted for murder when it was manslaughter. Murder carries a life sentence, but his real crime only carries between 10 and 15 years. Huge difference! He, more than us, needs to have his voice heard, which is the reason why I published his thoughts.

  3. Lyne says:

    Eric is lucky to have you publish his thoughts. This is kind of you to do that. A lot of cases like Eric are over convicted and if you can make a difference only one time, it would give hope in the world.
    Thank you for sharing, an interesting post to read.

  4. Andrew says:

    Unfortunately, it seems that many people live their lives in a state of semi-permanent ‘mental vacation.’
    We are far too busy just trying to survive and have forgotten the pleasure of what it is to truly ‘live.’

    It’s so special to meet someone who is exuberant with joy at just being alive, someone who is enjoying the experience of being here in a body, and making the most of it. It’s easy to see this in young children who just think life should be a fun game every day. It’s such a shame that we become conditioned to believe we have to grow up, become responsible, and be serious.

    “If I can make people care…… then we win.” Yes, we all win when we learn to care about our lives and the lives of others.
    Many thanks for sharing.

  5. Matt Lin says:

    Eric is right about the truth that people only care about themselves, so what happened to others they don’t really pay attention to. It causes indifference for many injustices in aspects of our daily life, which might bring backfire to your own garden. I have to admit that I am one of them, so I can’t really blame people for this. Eric’s words are so profound that push me to think deeper…

  6. Hannie says:

    Hi, Eric, I don’t agree people don’t care. If you alter it to ‘some people don’t care’, then yes, I can agree with that. You can only make people care by giving the example. You can’t force other people to care.

    The billionaires went into space this week. For me, those men are examples of the ones who don’t care. Such a totally senseless act. Polluting, useless, devouring money that could have been put to so much better use. These are not the people that are going to change the world, even though they disguise their actions by saying they want to change it.

    People like Christine are the ones who are going to bring the change, by being kind and selfless. I couldn’t help but think your words fell short of her efforts.

    Take care.

    1. Christine says:

      Hi Hannie,

      This is Christine replying. I understand where you’re coming from and I agree with you in some part. In the free world it is true that some (not all) people don’t care, but Eric is not free and throughout his life very few people have shown that they cared about him. Many people (including some family members and friends) have left him, which is why he said “people don’t care”. Several people said they would help and then they walked away. He has been locked up for more than 15 years now and faces the rest of his life in prison for self defense, not murder. It is enough to think that no one cares. He knows I care and he knows and appreciates how much I do for him.
      I know you mean well, and I am grateful for your support. I just wanted to explain Eric’s point of view 🙂

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