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Lokian’s Thoughts on Religion

Nearly all the friends I had in high school are now parts of the church. Youth ministers, musicians, etc. I think the church is the only place they ever felt passionate release of all their inner sh*t and so it meant a lot to them (and so of course the Bible had to be true!) I felt the same way when I was young, but I eventually realized that taking on a Jesus relationship for comfort and hope only prevented … Continue reading “Lokian’s Thoughts on Religion”

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Be Raw, Be Real – Do Real Men Cry?

I fear no man who has not the courage to cry.  To LET HIMSELF cry.  A man who can’t face and indulge his sadness, his emotional pain, will never feel the true power of indulging his rage.  He isn’t much threat to me. The toughest kid I ever knew growing up cried while he raged, while he whooped another kid.  Passion overload.  And no concern about baring it all publicly. I made sure to never be on the receiving end … Continue reading “Be Raw, Be Real – Do Real Men Cry?”

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Self Realization – Do You Know Who You Are?

SELF-REALIZATION is the life’s goal of the Free Man. That is, learning who you are – YOU, not what you’ve been instructed or are expected to be, not your parent’s or guardian’s or teacher’s (or society’s) lives and biases and beliefs and opinions, not THEM – YOU – learning who you are and living free as that person, whether that remains constant or you change every week – whoever YOU are. What you want. What makes you love life. All … Continue reading “Self Realization – Do You Know Who You Are?”

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Solitude to Make Progress

Lokian says… SOLITUDE is vital to Blank Slating and, thereafter, Self-Realization. Today’s world is busy, is distracting, so you must imprison yourself, trap yourself in your own company, away from all distraction, and stay there until your mind quiets – until you stop thinking about your present concerns – your job, your kids, your lover, your responsibilities, your stresses, your problems. Only then will you make progress, think clearly on what needs blank slated, on who you really are, what … Continue reading “Solitude to Make Progress”

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The Free Man (or Woman)

Lokian says… The FREE MAN (OR WOMAN) stands apart from the masses – the ‘herd,’ as Nietzsche called them. The Free Man doesn’t need to fit in, to be accepted by his fellow man. He does not compete with them, confident in who he is, in what he is. He wears no masks, no facades. He doesn’t fear being alone, trapped with his thoughts. He sets his own rules, beliefs, rights from wrongs, and does not push these on others. … Continue reading “The Free Man (or Woman)”

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Good Philosophy About Life – Short and Sweet

Lokian says… To be strong and free, you must BLANK SLATE. This means reflecting on your life and removing all biases and beliefs given you – ones you haven’t verified by firsthand, personal experience. It is wiping clean the influence of others so you can choose and follow your own life path without bias. This means all opinions, morals, wrongs and rights – anything outside of general factual knowledge (of course). Just because they’re your parents, elders, friends, role models, … Continue reading “Good Philosophy About Life – Short and Sweet”