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Do I? Express Your Feelings, Man

Do I write what’s in my heart and soul, all of it, no holds barred, even if I know it’ll hurt or offend those who care? What if I know they’ll never read it? Only hear about it from someone else. The telephone game, all of it twisted anyway. Do I write baring all my feelings, emotions, even if they aren’t fair to others, even if they’re the emotions of a selfish and angry man-boy? Or does the fact that … Continue reading “Do I? Express Your Feelings, Man”

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Be Raw, Be Real – Do Real Men Cry?

I fear no man who has not the courage to cry.  To LET HIMSELF cry.  A man who can’t face and indulge his sadness, his emotional pain, will never feel the true power of indulging his rage.  He isn’t much threat to me. The toughest kid I ever knew growing up cried while he raged, while he whooped another kid.  Passion overload.  And no concern about baring it all publicly. I made sure to never be on the receiving end … Continue reading “Be Raw, Be Real – Do Real Men Cry?”