About Eric

Eric Miller

Suffering can completely make or completely break you.
Brilliance is born of suffering. And strength. And wisdom. And Greatness, even.
But only to those who suffer and make it through.

I am Lokian.
I am not innocent.
I shot a man who forced it to happen.
My regret lies only in the grief I caused his loved ones, not in the action I was made to take.
I AM overconvicted. I got Murder One, Life Without Parole for it.
I don’t want sympathy, I want justice. A fair sentence from these corrupt Midwest American courts.
I don’t need mercy, I need them to follow the law.
I’m strong. I’m angry. And I WILL expose the corruption of these courts. For myself and for those too weak or exhausted to fight back.

Join me. Learn me. Love me. And I’ll do the same for you.

Lokian Philosophy

Who are you? What do you want? Do you even know?
Lokian Philosophy is for the strong, the outcast, the ambitious, those with a will of their own, those who want to know themselves – to self-realize – to live free.
It’s not for the herd, the religious, or those who simply become who their parents are – those who do what they’re told without question.
It’s not for the weak or needy, the meek or the passive. It takes courage and requires suffering.
Becoming free ISN’T free. And it isn’t easy.
But until you do, you’re not living life, not a person, not an individual, not YOU.
Let me teach you, so you can teach others.

We the strong, free and self-realized must stand together. Must become a family of our own.
Join me. Learn me. Love me.
Join us. Learn us. Love us.
And WE’LL do – the same for you.

We’re searching for you.
Step forward from the herd.
Join us.
Begin your struggle.
Begin your life.

Our love and power await you.

dark attic

There is a dark attic in every man’s mind – a somber, shadowy and enchanting place that, once discovered, can never be forgotten.

Living Free

Living strong and living free means indulging both light and dark when you feel them, not hiding in the middle, afraid of either extreme.
Indulging light means loving, being vulnerable, sensitive. Not being too macho or ‘afraid of looking gay’; not giving into fear of rejection or heartache, but embracing and showing love and affection when you feel them.
Indulging dark means reveling in the ecstasy of your hatred, your chaos, your acts of self-destruction, your drugs and vices. Not fearing looking bad to others, the damaging of your sterling reputation, or breaking your invisible god’s law and feeling guilty for being WHO YOU ARE and enjoying your desires.
The weak and fearful hide in the middle.
The strong and the free LIVE while they’re alive.

Join my family, join US.
‘What, Lokian, you runnin a cult??’
Hehe. No. If you’re with me there’s no required beliefs, and only one followed philosophy (and even that’s open to exception): Live strong and free.
You may slip up – we all do – but always fix yourself when you do. Don’t wallow in self-pity, in fear. Reset yourself to strong and free once more.


I want the strong united, here for each other in a world of narrow, middle-road herdsmen. Race doesn’t matter, age doesn’t matter, gender doesn’t matter, social class doesn’t matter – those aren’t who you are. You are YOU. And if YOU are like ME, like US, then your place is here.
Join us. Write the Queen (aka Christine Duts, website admin) – who makes all of this possible, for all of us, and so is and will always be the Queen 🙂  and introduce yourself. Write her at info@ericlokian.com
Be strong and be free. Let’s change OUR world in a thousand ways.




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